Skunk Fest

Check our Skunk Fest Vendors for your favorite organization.

Skunk Fest is our annual fund raising day. This is a one-of-a-kind festival!

SkunkFest photo SkunkFest photo

The First Skunk Fest was held in September 2001, it started as a fun picnic for skunk owners. Since then Skunk Fest has grown into a yearly festival for all skunk lovers. People that want to know about skunks and skunks with their owners gather from many states such as Ohio, Indiana, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Tennessee, Alabama, etc. Our international friends from Canada and Holland show up as well.

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The Skunk Royal Court Contest judges each skunk on a range of traits and overall health and crowns the King, Queen, Prince, and Princess. Their Court is also made up of Knights, Ladies-in-Waiting, Squires and Dutchesses, Jesters, and Wizards. Our Main Judges are vets, skunk breeders, and experienced skunk owners. Skunks also enter the fun competitions such as Skunk Run, Best Skunk Costume, Best Tail, Best Detective, and Most Talented Skunk.

SkunkFest photo SkunkFest photo
SkunkFest photo SkunkFest photo

Vendors come from miles around to sell their items. Items for sale include skunk items, herbs, soaps, blankets, Native American items, hand made items, pet supplies, T-shirts, etc. Please contact our Vendor Coordinator for a Vendors Agreement.

SkunkFest photo SkunkFest photo

Educational displays are set up for people to learn about skunks. A vet, one of the judges, has a booth set up for education and medical advice.

Come join us for the FUN! Rain or Shine!

SkunkHaven™ Members and special guests are invited back to SkunkHaven™ for a special get together and night-time FUN! We have a cook out and bon fire and a Native American trading blanket.

Ty and Micro Awards

The TY Award (male) and the MICRO Award (female) will honor special skunks. Owners can submit the story of their special skunk to be judged. The stories that are picked to recieve the awards will be read at Skunk Fest. We are asking everyone that has a skunk with a story, a rescue, a skunk battling health issues, or anything significant, to be submitted to:

Skunk Story
Deborah Cipriani
P.O. Box 201
Avon Lake, Ohio 44012


  1. Open to all skunk owners.
  2. All stories submitted by August 20th will be considered.
  3. Please limit your entry to 200 words or less.
  4. Please include your address and phone number so we can contact you.
  5. All stories will be reviewed and awards will be selected by a group of vets and vet tech's in the states of Ohio and Indiana.
  6. If selected we request a picture of the skunk to be shown when the letter is being read and to accompany the story if published in Skunk News.
  7. The owner or skunk does not have to be present to recieve the award. Awards will be mailed if necessary.

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