Domestic Skunk Rescues

Skunks come to us from owners, breeders, dealers, and pet stores. Our group coordinates or assists with pet skunk adoptions throughout the United States.

Contact us for for more information or you can print an Adoption Application and send it.

Deborah Cipriani
7AM - 10PM EST
Cathy Dalgleish
Evenings and weekends

We do not adopt skunks to persons that cannot legally own a skunk because of state or local restrictions.

Keep a dream alive by helping the skunks. WE NEED YOUR DONATIONS - PLEASE HELP US.

Even one dollar helps buy food for the skunks. All money will go toward skunks. Medical supplies, food, bedding, toys, Vet bills, etc. Please HELP keep the shelter alive by donating something.

Air shipment crate When shipping on an airline you need to provide for proper care.

To ship a skunk:

  1. You need a USDA health certificate and letter of acclimation signed by a licensed vet.
  2. Verify drop-off, takeoff, arrival, and pick-up times with the airlines.
  3. Prepare a pet carrier for a comfortable trip -

Our choices for destinations are Cleveland Hopkins International, Akron-Canton International, Cleveland Lakefront, and Lorain County Airport. For our convenience, shipments to Columbus, Youngstown, Pittsburgh, Erie, Detroit, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, or Louisville need to be scheduled a minimum of three days in advance. Other destinations need to be scheduled a minimum of 7 days in advance.

Before, note yellow fur After, clean white fur
Before After
This skunk was sleeping in pine chips, eating dog food and had not been wormed. He's now healthy and happy.

Two skunks, just after arrival Two skunks, five months later
Just After Arrival Five Months Later
These skunks were suffering from improper diet and allergic reaction to flea bites.

Rescue skunk Some skunks can be perfectly white and yet infested with worms. We seldom know what to expect when we take in a new rescue.

Hana, when rescued Hana, several months later
Hana Before Hana After
Domestic skunk from Japan. This skunk had been living in an aquarium for six months. She is now being properly cared for.

Overweight skunk when rescued After several months on strict diet
Buddy Before Buddy After
White-on-white skunk from Wyoming. He weighed 22lbs when he came and is down to 13lbs now, luckily he is still young and has no severe problems. Don't over-feed your skunk!

Skunk in a small bird cage This is an example of a cage that is NOT proper for a skunk. This rescue came to us (luckily by car) and we were surprised to see a full-grown skunk in a cage like this.

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