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Necropsy Submission Procedure

Print this out for your vet along with the Submission Form for Aleutian Disease virus testing.

Note: You may not think of this at the time of your dear skunks death but it is a good idea to cut a lock of hair from your baby so you will have it forever. Another thing is to take pictures of your beloved with you holding him or maybe laying there on something nice. It just like he is sleeping. If you donít do it now you will never have another chance. Many people are happy afterwards to have something of their pet. Some times the vet will take an imprint of the paw. Ask them if they will do that for you.

The body should be rushed to the veterinarianís office. If you canít bring him right away, try to do so within a 12 hour period. Do not freeze the skunkís body. Wrap it in plastic bag and refrigerate OR put in plastic bag and put in a cooler surrounded by ice only while you are waiting to take it to the vet.

Have your vet send the body out to a state lab or university along with the submission forms and instructions. If you want the body back, have your vet take organ samples and send them out instead. Organs that should be sent out: anything that looks abnormal, tumors, liver, kidney, small intestines, etc.

NOTE: For Aleutian Disease virus testing, the parts need to be sent to University of GA, Dept. of Pathology. In this case, two labs would be involved (one being the lab/university that the body is sent to and the Dept. of Pathology in GA where the body parts are sent. Please include the submission form for Georgia with instructions to send parts to Georgia to which ever lab/university you and your vet choose. Organs for ADV testing that should be sent out: anything that looks abnormal, tumors, liver, kidney, small intestines, stomach, etc.

Aleutian Disease virus testing to be done by the University of GA Dept of Pathology. Phone 706-542-2919 Dr. Ken Latimer Use this submission form for GA: .

Instructions to be written on the submission forms to the lab/university:
Complete Necropsy, complete tests for rabies, lepto, distemper, other related disease, bacteria cultures, virology, parastology, tests for Heicobacter pylori, Hodgkinís Disease , Cushings disease. Check for intervertebral disk disease on skunks that go down in the back end. Use submission form provided.

The lab that Skunk Haven works with for necropsy is :
Ohio Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab, ph: 614-728-6220, fax: 614-728-6310
Web site:,
Submission form: ADDL SAMPLE SUBMISSION FORM (3.29mb file)

Skunk Haven has submission forms that can be faxed to the Ohio state lab, already filled out but your vet would have to sign them.

Please have your vet note on all submission forms that Skunk Haven is conducting a study on causes of death in skunks.

NOTE: Please send us a copy of the original paper work back from Georgia ADV testing and full necropsy report for our research files. Fax to Deborah Cipriani at:
440-808-3154, call her at 216-210-3280 or mail to:
32072 Center Ridge Road, North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039.

Thank you for helping us to help you (and other skunk owners to help their skunks live longer).

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