Necropsy Instructions for Skunks

Please print this information for your vet, or refer your vet to this web page. Also print the DNA ISH Submission Form for Aleutian Disease Virus Testing.

The body should be taken to your vet as soon as possible, preferably within 12 hours from time of death. If you can not transfer the body right away, you can wrap in a plastic bag and refrigerate. DO NOT freeze the body.

If you want the body back, have your vet take organ samples and send them out to a state lab, university, or a lab they normally work with.
- OR -
Have your vet send the body to a state lab, university, or the lab they work with, along with the submission forms and instructions ??.

NOTE: For Aleutian Disease virus testing the body parts need to be send to University of GA, Dept of Pathology. Please include the submission form and instructions for the University of Georgia Pathology Lab.

Instructions to be written on the submission forms to the lab from your vet should be similar to the following:
Complete necropsy; virology tests for rabies, leptospirosis, distemper, and other related disease; bacteria cultures; and parasitology. Aleutian Disease Virus Test - body parts to be send to UofGA Pathology Lab Ph 706-542-2919.

Aleutian Disease virus testing to be done by the University of GA Dept of Pathology, phone 706-542-2919, Dr. Ken Latimer, Use the submission form at .

The two labs that Skunk Haven works with are -

  1. Ohio Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab, 614-728-6220 FAX 614-728-6310 Use this submission form
  2. Pet Labs Inc. diagnostic Laboratories, 2510 Substation Road, Medina, Ohio, 44256 Phone 330-220-6435

If you want your skunk shipped to the Ohio state lab we do have submission forms at Skunk Haven that can be faxed to the Ohio state lab already filled out. Please let us know. Please have your vet put on all submission forms that SkunkHaven is conducting a study on why skunks die unexpectedly.

SkunkHaven would like a copy of the original paperwork from UofGA ADV testing and a full necropsy report. Fax 440-808-3154. Attn: Deborah Cipriani, Phone 216-210-3280 or Mail to 32072 Center Ridge Road North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039

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